Book Review: International Billionaires: Vincent Kim by Cady Lorenzana 

​Book Review:  📚📔📕📘

International Billionaires:  Vincent Kim by Cady Lorenzana 
I remember this girl, she looks very shy and she keeps on checking on her mom who is seating near her. 

She is one of the new writers to be launch by that time, I was quite hesitant but please with Precious Pages that they are giving chances to aspiring writers. 
As time goes by, she have written a lot of novels and awarded as a Prolific writer. No surprise, she is very hardworking and making her way to achieve it. 📚
I’ve read a lot of her novels and slowly I realize she is really improving, making me feel excited, disgusted, in love,  sad… They say if you are reading a book and you are experiencing different emotions, it means that book is really good. 📕
Cady Lorenzana, this book made me feel that. I know that you are hearing a lot good feedbacks from everyone but I just like you to know that I would like to say “Thank You” , there a lot of things that this book make me realize. 
Thank you for making a series like this as well, I know you are also influenced  of the books that you are reading but you are able to create your own version of it. 
Vincent and Jonabel love story is like the same plot of every book you encounter. Conflict that heroine feel she needs to find herself, she need to discover and explore outside her comfort zone. 

The hero let her go because , he feels that she will not be completely happy if she can’t find her inner self.
Even though Vincent loves Jonabel so much , he did not ask for more because asking much may not be that good. 
Real love is selfless. 
As I quote “You’ll only realize that you love the person when he is not with you anymore” 
So true. 🏹
Cady, You are very brave for being realistic with the dialogues and scenes. You are able to execute it very well. 👌 You exceeded my expectations. Atta girl! 🙌👏
P.S. Those colorful sticker markers are very significant, I always place that for very good scenes and great lines whenever I read a book.


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