Fifty Shades of Grey (my movie review)


February 22, 2015.

I am so excited to watch the movie because I have a date! I am conscious because he might feel a little uncomfortable because of the scenes on the movie.

… and he does not have any idea about the movie.

My boy friend thinks that Christian is sick. He can’t control himself and let Anna suffer with his doings.

I’ve read the book and I have a different view on it.

There are changes on the movie.
Instead Anna and Christian using a Blackberry, they are communicating through email.

I don’t find Jose’ attractive. Rita Ora as Kate surprisingly suits her.

Actually the bed scenes are not that vulgar. Maybe it’s because here in the Philippines , they place black and blurred parts where it shows their private parts.

I find Jamie Dornan boring at first part of the movie, I am thinking “Hey, are you really Christian or what?”. Eventually after he kissed Anna on the elevator and the way he looked at her, I am definitely sure that yeah, He is a great Christian Grey.

For Dakota Johnson as Anna Steele, she is Fuckin’ Perfect!

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