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I am a 90″s B*tch! Throwback Thursday Baby!

Hell yeah! I really love the old days,  like reading my favorite Sweet Valley High book -that was borrowed from the library. I never completed the whole series but I was able to finish it anyway. Playing the ever famous Polly pocket. Having the elephant pants, jumpers and ever colorful gel pens!

Loving Murphy Brown antics and jokes every night. Keeping up with Baywatch, Ally Mcbeal, The Secret World of Alex mack, Dawson’s Creek, Clueless, Buffy the Vampire Slayer etc.

I never missed an episode of Bioman as well and “Richard and Erica anime” ( Oh no! I forget the title) Okay, I even went down and ask my brother, it’s Daimos! and ever Peachy-Wacks tandem from TGIS is the “Pambansang Loveteam” then.

Oh! and ever loving Backstreet Boys! Swooning over Nick Carter and always waiting patiently from MTV for their video to show up. The Spice Girls, Take That, and who will ever forget the Alternative Bands? Like Train ( Hell yeah! they’re old like that) , Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Crazy Town, etc.

My ever favorite all girl group TLC!

Ugh! I really wish I can turn back time as Aqua sang it.





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Belle De Jour 2013, Excited for the Fair this 10.13.13

Ola! fellow bellas! I know I sounded weird saying in Spanish, oh well I am half! That’s why!

I was doing some soul searching last year and stumble into this planner. Since then, I started searching things about it, and it really helped me when me and ex boyfriend had a long time “cool off”. I discover that I can stand alone and be very independent.

 I’ve learned to appreciate myself more, contribute things to society, proper posture, sense of responsibility, being keen to time, proper make up and other stuff that will make a girl more wonderful.

I am so excited for the next fair!! This 13th!



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IPhone C , to buy or not buy?



Actually, I was really thinking if I will buy this gadget or not. I’m into games, nor a lot of apps. I don’t even have an IG account.

I am more into music, reading pdf files, updates about news, sports, science and anything nerdy! I was really thinking having this one instead :





This more into music and stuff, I don’t really need a camera, since I already camera and stuff… I just need a new Ipod seriously for more memory for my music.

Still which one is better?

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