Gossip Girl


What happens if you tell someone’s secret to another one? It can start a  fire, creates trouble that you can’t seem to take off. Geez, in work it does. It can destroy if you’re not strong enough .When I was in College I didn’t bother my classmates call me loser for liking Jerry Yan and black eyeliners.Ohh! and being the Teacher’s Favorite because I like studying. Bahh! The hell I care, atleast I’m being myself and I’m continue being happy. Look at them right now?Excuse me, I’m not trying to be rude in here but I’m telling the truth.I’ve been working since I was 21 and old Nurses created issues about me. Too pathetic to mention the things that they’ve done. My team mates way back in old BPO company thought that I’m so bisexual… Yeah! I am! I’ve got a HUGE Bisexual crush on Rachel Weiss! as in Dream on guys…You will get some consequences on things you’ve been saying to other people. In my work right now, I can’t simply avoid persons who are just too insecured of themselves. Simply they can’t have the best. As they say we have to deal with it… Life’s a BITCH! 


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