Yipee! I’m so excited seeing Rachel as the lead star of Glee. My favorite foreign series. Seeing her as a pathetic girl who always did her best to woe over Finn. Darn it! In real life that’s so overly dramatic but the truth is I do that! hahaha! You can’t simply let a girl down, if the guy really refuses you you have to step back and think it over. It’s DEAD END! We have to be a loser and find ourselves . What do we really like? having a boyfriend or focus on the career that we really wanted? I must say I’ve turned into a “Bitch” and choose on being a career woman. I might go on “GAGA” for a cute guy but as it ascends I will not consider a relationship that may be bring me down and make me such a slimy woman who can’t stand on her own and just depend on a guy. Believe me! I’ve got a LOT of experiences with Men ,assholes to the extent. They don’t have enough courage to talk to me cause’ they know I will beat the hell out of them. 
So, Rachel Berry, we may be alike but please stop wearing those Librarian clothes. Wear sneakers! Just for kicks!


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